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How Process and Systems Impact the Bottom Line

"We have eliminated literally thousands of secondary data inputs, allowing our team to focus on the things that matter." Alfio Manarin, President, Honeyfield Communities

More than a homebuilder, Honeyfield Communities is a community builder focused around one driving goal: to build communities that have a meaningful, positive impact on the people and the families who live in them. Honeyfield Communities is focused on larger tract, multi-phased communities across the Greater Toronto Area with prices ranging from $550,000 to $1,000,000. Current volume is over 100 homes per year and growing.

As production increased in 2015, so did the paperwork. Multiple custom-built applications on top of paper-intensive manual processes pushed the management team to look for options to tie the company’s departments together. We sat down with Alfio Manarin, President of Honeyfield Communities to discuss how they eliminated double data entry, reduced errors, and improved workflow between departments to increase productivity and profit margins.


How does Honeyfield beat the competition?

Product is one of the key differentiators for us at Honeyfield. We spend a lot of time and effort in understanding how people live in their homes. The home is an extension and a reflection of their lifestyle. Our objective is to build homes and floor plans that really speak to how people live.


What makes the Honeyfield team unique?

We’re a relatively small team and we like to take a collaborative approach to how we do things. We’re open to ideas and we encourage productive, constructive discussions about how we can improve. Many of those discussions are centered on the parts of our business – but it really is every part of the business – that impacts customer experience. Every organization essentially serves the customer. We have a very important role to play, and we can have a very meaningful impact on the lives of the people and the families that purchase homes from us. It’s important that all the decisions that we make around the table include the customer. That’s something that we try to encourage with our entire team: when you’re making decisions, look through the lens of the customer. If we do that effectively, day in and day out, then we’ll have a business that is sustainable and a brand we can be proud of.


To what do you attribute the success of Honeyfield Communities?

We attribute our success to the quality of our team members and our partners that have helped us along the way – and Constellation is a very important partner of ours. As an organization, we are committed to ensuring that as we grow, we have the proper processes and procedures in place to grow effectively. Homebuilder management software is a very effective tool to ensure that an organization focuses on the things that matter. You can automate the rest. It ensures that we capture knowledge appropriately and we disseminate that knowledge to the rest of the team.


When did you realize the need for homebuilder management software?

We had numerous custom applications together with manual tools that we utilized in order to control the paperwork. And we realized that in order to effectively tie things together, you need a centralized database that would house all of this key information and all of the various departments can then draw from that database. The more times that humans re-input data, the more opportunities there are to make a mistake; and when you make a mistake, ultimately that impacts the customer. Homebuilder management software helps us ensure that when information is inputted, in never has to be manually inputted again. Now when people are tapping into the database, they know that they are getting information that was signed off by the homeowner, or signed off by a manager, and we ensure that there is data integrity in the system so that everyone has 100% trust that the information that comes out of the system is accurate.


How does this technology help meet your goals?

This software solution has taken the shackles off of our senior management team. On the sales side, our team can focus on sales, answering questions, educating our homeowners, rather than executing paperwork. On the décor side, our consultants are able to help our homeowners navigate through the array of options and colours that are available to personalize their home. On the construction end, we are eliminating a lot of the issues related to processing payments. We have eliminated literally thousands of secondary data inputs, allowing our team to focus on the things that matter. Focus on the things that really move the needle. That’s the beauty of homebuilder management software – it’s such a powerful tool that when implemented correctly and the team is on board, the benefits are significant.

In three short years, Honeyfield Communities has designed a profitable building process by implementing homebuilder management software from Constellation, linking together departments from sales through warranty. The management team can rely on their system data and reports, and functional group leaders can focus on providing the level of customer service that supports the Honeyfield brand promise: “At Honeyfield, we strive to offer our customers maximum value for their home ownership experience.”

With homebuilder management software and strong commitment from your team, Constellation can help homebuilders to build a consistent, profitable process from sales through warranty.

Find out how to use technology to meet your goals today.


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